Saturday, July 22, 2017

What is the Most Important Part of Marketing?

Most of you probably would answer that can solve problems product. Product and meet the needs of consumers are the most important part of marketing. Because with quality products, problems faced by consumers is expected to resolve fast. This answer is not wrong. But an important note is also the product that you make should always be able to answer the needs of consumers now and in the future. Therefore, you must continue to make your products always “new.”

Update the product is one way to go. By updating the content of the product information with recent developments, it is expected that emerging problems can be resolved. But other than products, there is another important part of marketing. What is it? It is how to sell the product itself. This is where the importance of running various marketing techniques and to monitor its effectiveness.

From a variety of marketing techniques you are doing, what techniques are optimal, what  techniques are half-optimal, and what techniques that did not bring any results whatsoever. That way, a marketing process you run is under your control. You know how to increase sales of your products. But in any business you do, you should not be complacent. Your ACTION must continue to study the most recent trends in sales. So you really understand what marketing technique that is effective today and why this technique is effective.

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