Saturday, July 22, 2017

There are many ways to market our products, we have mapped them with a good target market to be aimed. Too broad a target market that will make marketing results will not be maximized. After that we must implement a good marketing strategy and effective. A good marketing strategy is always preceded by marketing research. Many small and medium-sized businesses are not too concerned with marketing strategies that will be done. Like other businesses, small businesses also need to think a good marketing strategy, so have a good competitiveness in the market. A good marketing strategy must synergize 12 Pillars of Marketing in order to have tremendous results. On this occasion, we will discuss about the twelve pillars of marketing are to be applied to our business.

The twelve pillars are the marketing methods of production which has to be done together. If the marketing is only depend on one or some of these ways will not be much effective. If the twelfth method is jointly will generate synergy marketing strategy is remarkable.

12 Pillars of marketing strategies are:
1. Public relations, publicity or press release
2. Referral
3. Endorsement
4. Advertising
5. Direct mail
6. Direct sales
7. Direct agent
8. Host beneficiary
9. Telemarketing
10.Joint venture

So, to improve the competitiveness of small business products and your business, it seems essential to make the synergy of the twelve pillars such marketing. Too stuck with only one or some of the strategies it will not give great results.

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