Saturday, July 22, 2017

So far, gold was chosen as one antidote to inflation, because its value is relatively stable from year to year. Facts prove, in the event of high inflation, gold prices will rise higher than inflation. Statistics show, when inflation reached 10 percent, then gold will go up 30 percent. In fact, if inflation had risen to 100 percent, gold prices will rise up to 200 percent. This is why investing in gold is considered very beneficial. However, gold prices are going to tend to a constant when the inflation rate low. But gold is now available in a variety of investment options. Not only in physical form, but also by buying shares of gold mining companies and buying gold futures contract. Well, here are advantages and disadvantages of each type of gold investment.

1. Gold Jewelry

If your investment goals for the short term, it is usually difficult to profit from gold jewelry. Because, when you buy gold jewelry, you not only pay the price of gold, but also must pay the cost of manufacture. Normally when you sell gold back to the store, they are reluctant to pay the cost of manufacture. So they will only pay the price of gold alone. Therefore, investment in the form of gold jewelry will be more profitable if the long-term goal, over 10 years. Because the price of gold has increased many fold, so that the selling price is much higher. In addition, choose 24-karat gold jewelry, because the possibility of much greater advantage.

2. Gold Bars

Gold investment fee that is good and safe is an investment in the form of gold bullion (precious metal gold). Gold bars will be easier to resell than gold jewelry because, when buying gold bars, you do not have to pay the cost of manufacture. That means, you will not suffer losses when selling gold bullion. If you want to invest in gold, this one option to consider.

3. Gold Certificate

Gold investment is not always in physical form, can also form a gold certificate. This is a piece of paper that is proof of ownership of the gold stored at the bank in a country. This certificate holder holds only one sheet of paper which will only be cashed at the bank concerned. That said, this gold certificate is a very profitable investment alternative and safe since you do not need to pay gold storage. Unlike gold investment in physical form that requires the cost of storage in safe deposit boxes.

4. Gold Mining Stocks

Alternatively, buy shares in gold mining companies. If the state of the gold market is being increased, the price of company stock will usually move faster than the price of physical gold. Although profitable, however, should still be careful, because the investment risk is still there. It is better you learn the first equity investment, so no trouble following the development of gold mining shares you.

5. Gold Futures Contract

With the help of technology, the gold can be traded as a commodity in futures trading / margin trading. That is, you only need to have proof of ownership administration. Invest gold in the Jakarta Futures Exchange was impressed flexible, because you could sell gold when the price is expensive and buy when prices are cheap. The advantage gained from the difference between the buying and selling price.

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