Saturday, July 22, 2017

Council Tenders – Top Tips for Successful Tendering

Anyone who has had experience of the council tender process know how demoralizing it usually is if you’re not triumphant. By using a set of simple rules, you are able to boost your chances of winning council tenders.

The same people will assess the council tenders to ensure fair and consistent treatment. If you follow some basic tips it’s going to offer you a much better chance of winning any council tenders that you go for – none of these are rocket science but they can be overlooked by unsuccessful companies.

1.It is very important that you know the things they are looking for. Make sure that you cover all the details, missing information won’t stand your business in good stead.

2.Cover all the points. If you don’t understand anything within your council tenders then ask the appropriate person.

3.Don’t shamelessly promote your company in your council tenders with publicity material. Tell them about your company, but make sure the information relates to the council tender.

4.Be sure all relevant areas of the council tenders are signed and submit them inside the time period.

5.Make your pricing model clear and precise.

6.Provide all the information that is required in the council tenders. If they didn’t want the details they wouldn’t request it.

7.Ensure you give your very best price – it is not a negotiation process, council tenders will be awarded according to the bid .

8.DO NOT present a templated bid – all information must be relevant.

9.Make sure you meet the deadline – if the bid is late not only does it reflect badly on your company, but it might not be looked at.

10.Don’t rush your council tender at the last minute – make sure you leave plenty of time, if it is scrambled to together at the last minute it will be obvious and doesn’t show your business in a good light.

11.When producing your council tender, it should be clear – not just the content but the appearance such as the layout and font used.

12.DO NOT assume that the lowest bid wins council tenders – it is often value for money that helps with any bids you put in.

13.Its not advisable to ask to talk about your bid. You can ask questions though when there is something you do not understand within the council tenders.

14.If you are not successful with your council tenders always ask for a debriefing. This may be informative in any future bids.

Make sure that you follow the above easy steps and increase your odds of making a effective bid for council tenders.

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