Saturday, July 22, 2017

1.Hard Work

People who succeed do not rely on luck. They worked very hard to create good luck. If you plan on being one of them, put hard work and dedication in your primary responsibility. However, have fun in doing your job. If you do not feel happy in your job, you have worked for the wrong reasons.

2. Improvement

Improve your ability and also the quality of your work. Be the best. Remember, “Practice, practice, practice.”

3. Focus

Focus! Focus! Focus! Focus only on one field and be the number one choice. Look at Tiger Woods. Better to be the best in one field rather than to be average in all areas. .

4. Passion

“If you want to get rich, put passion on the top and money at the bottom of your priority list. Do it for your love, not for money. The money will come after.

5. Push

Encourage yourself through all the doubts, fear, aversion and feeling lazy. The people who succeed are those who continue to push themselves and work through any obstacles.

6. Serve

Serve other people for their kindness. But first, you should be able to serve yourself. How can you serve the people, if you are not able to serve yourself? Be strong!

7. Idea

A good idea is a simple idea and is able to solve the problem for many people. Bill Gates came up with ideas to make computer software and managed. Write down ideas that come to mind. If you do not write it, they will fly and never come back. [Richard St. John]

8. Persistence

I guarantee that you will find some hard times in your life. Things do not go according to plan. The answer is determined to survive.

Persistence means brave to face failure, criticism, rejection and other negative things in your life.

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