Saturday, July 22, 2017

Five-star services are the number one service and the best. Services reflect five-star perfection. Here, customers not only satisfied, but very satisfied. How important aspects in a five-star service?

The mentality of Excellence
Five-star service can only be present if there is a mentality of excellence in every employee that works. What kind of mentality this excellence? This is a way of working that does not tolerate imperfection. No one should just simply good, average or even bad, everything must be perfect

This mentality must be owned by every employee, can not be just a few. Starting from lower level employees, to level up, anytime, anywhere, to show the excellent service. Mindset has to be instilled early employees work, for example, ranging from training, to coaching, and also in the everyday employee. Thus, this mentality can be embedded in every employee.

Always Finding Ways to Improve Excellence
Another difference from the five-star service is, they are not only satisfied with perfection alone. Although already perfect, but they are always trying to find ways to increase the level of excellence. Wherever possible, they are always trying to encourage customers called `wow` when getting services.

If there are errors, then instantly be reviewed and corrected. Errors will be corrected, and recovery can restore customer satisfaction and even to turn around. In fact, they will always try to improve the existing perfection. Thus, the standard of excellence would have gradually increased.

Full Leader Support
In order to create a five-star service, then this must be fully supported by the leader. Leaders must be role models that show a major mentality of excellence. Leaders must continue to focus excellence which wants to create. Encourage each person to provide perfect service.

Leaders must be able to stimulate employees to provide excellent service. For example, by giving examples that reflect the experience of perfection in the past, with the motivation to subordinates. Thus, the leader deliver a desired level of perfection, at once aroused the enthusiasm of the men. Thus, so the men are always motivated to create the perfect service.

Reward for Excellence
One more, to create excellence is needed cooperation from everyone. Therefore, it must create a system that can stimulate excellence. Can not, then the reward system should be applied.

Give rewards for those who are most successful at creating excellence and the best customer experience. However, do not forget to give rewards equally to every person who has contributed well. In essence, the award to the employee is expected to stimulate excellence of the other series.

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